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Everyone responds differently so there is no guarantee. On average the number of treatments required is around three. Some problems need more treatments and some less. Many people find it beneficial to have top-up treatments thus preventing injury and maintaining a supple, healthy and relaxed body.

Yes. It is very gentle. There are no violent twists, cracks or crunches and it is practiced on everyone from new born babies to the very elderly.

No. It is important not to receive any other physical treatments for at least 7 days before or after a Bowen treatment. Mixing treatments can result in the body becoming overloaded with different information and may affect the outcome of the treatment.

Please note: The Bowen technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  If in doubt please consult your own Doctor.

No. Bowen Therapists do not diagnose. Bowen Therapy is about preparing your body so that it can self adjust and repair itself. If you want a diagnosis, you will be advised to see your doctor.

No. People have Bowen Therapy for many reasons. Introduction to Bowen is often because of problems. When these problems are resolved, some people often choose to have periodic top up sessions. This doesn’t diminish the power of Bowen, in fact, it maximises its’ beneficial effects. One or two Bowen sessions a year can help towards maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. These maintenance sessions can be all that is needed to keep physical and emotional issues at bay.

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