The Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) is a new Technique which changes the effects of Scars and Scar Tissue on the body and the mind. It is the brainchild of Bowen Technique teacher Alastair McLoughlin and is used on post surgical scarring which has been caused by accidents, trauma, puncture, piercing or elective surgery. This technique works on any established scar tissue no matter the age of the scar. Scarring is a way of protecting the body from further injury and infection. The scar is a result of the body's wound repair system.

This technique works by gently releasing the fibres of a formed scar tissue of which the body has changed the structure of the tissue. This technique improves the limitations of the scar area allowing the body to absorb great amounts of the old scar tissue and in turn allows the tissue to return to normal levels.

The moves of this technique makes the scar become softer, paler and releases trapped nerve fibres. This increases blood flow, circulation and improves the lymph drainage around the area.

scar from a c-section birth on a whire background.

MSTR can be used to help change -

Burning sensation




Numbness of surrounding area

Can cause a disconnection between upper and lower body eg. After a C-Section or Hysterectomy.

Scars can have an impact on the body and can be the cause of non-resolving aches and pains. Scars cause -

Range of Movement

Reduces blood flow

Reduces energy

Emotional attachment

Weakens muscle strength

Reduces Lymph flow

For treatment scars must be fully healed and at least 8 weeks old, if surgical, signed off by the surgeon, before treatment can take place. Scars that have formed over plates or screws can be considered for treatment but those overlying surgical mesh are unsuitable to receive this treatment. It is therefore important to disclose the full details of any procedure(s) you have undergone.

I have completed full McLoughlin scar Tissue Release (MSTR) training and I'm registered on the MSTR Approved Practitioner Directory.

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